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31 May 2014 @ 11:59 pm

You have reached Jessie's LJ, which obviously isn't her first real blog. That can be found here:
Turning Back Time...With Life's Goodness.

As expected, you would find the same entries there, since I don't have the energy to write in two different blogs. You'd probably find that this is more recently updated though. :)

That said, I welcome anyone who wants to friend this journal. Don't worry, I don't bite. :D
(made by the lovely hakka_candy~ ♥)

Yes, I said anyone. Meaning even though we don't have many similarities (even just Arashi!), I'd be glad to add you. Just comment here or anywhere in my journal if you want to be added back. :Db

Take note that this is a semi-friends journal. I lock posts that are too personal and too emotional/ranty for anyone who just stumbles into things. XD

So enjoy reading my twisted entries! These are full of rants and flailings. Ohohoho~ >:D 
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The Queen of Multitasking: Jessie
31 January 2014 @ 09:47 pm
*cough* I mean, this should be a useful post now, since many people are probably confused of my system when it comes to tracking back fics. XD

Kidding aside, I do hope you find this index useful, especially if you're interested in my other fics. よろしくね? ♥
I also happen to include my uploads, in case someone is looking for it. :)

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Feel free to ask anything here :)
Requests (if ever) are welcome as well!

The Queen of Multitasking: Jessie
Hello! (^o^)/
I am two weeks late as usual because I am a terrible procrastinator and reliving the concert in my head is making me cry tears of joy, but. You don’t want to hear more of that.

A few things I need to explain:
- As this particular concert will be on DVD, I cannot assure you that everything in here will appear on the said DVD. I also cannot assure you that it will be accurate, as I have a blur of a memory.
- This is a very detailed report. I mean, I will include EVERYTHING that I remember, from the position of the members on-stage to the choreography. And it’s a warning of how long this is. XD
- I am not perfectly well-versed with Japanese as much as I wish I was, and I don’t claim I understood everything. So if I mistranslated anything, I apologize beforehand.
- I hope this will be fun for you as much as it is for me! There will be a separate section for fanservice in case you want to skip it, or read it first. :)

Arriving at the venueCollapse )

Just before the concertCollapse )

Concert properCollapse )

Greetings/MCCollapse )

After Greetings/MCCollapse )

Main MC + VTRCollapse )

After Main MCCollapse )

First encoreCollapse )

Second encore + Thank You’sCollapse )

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Finally, comments are most certainly welcome as questions do. Don’t hesitate to flail! I will definitely reply to all comments. :D Plus if you’ve read everything here, then I’m pretty sure you didn’t need to take the time to read it, so I thank you for spending your time with me. ♥

Also, a 20th anniversary meet-up would be nice. ^_^

The Queen of Multitasking: Jessie
28 November 2012 @ 11:11 pm

I know, I know. I haven't posted in a while and this is what I do.
...actually I have no excuse. orz

But! I do hope this makes up for it, y/y?

Anyway. So I really adore this DVD extra* from the Sexy.Honey.Bunny! concert DVD, and I feel like justice has not been served by not making any icons off of it. So I decided that I should do them. XD /shot
* entitled "L.A.~Las Vegas Road movie ~WALK~" :Dd

Throwing some V6 your way :)Collapse )

There. ♥
Just one rule is enough: Please credit me, jadenmd! That's all I ask for, really. :3

Btw, I just got back home from a three-week vacation, and now I'm suffering from severe jet lag. It's been almost a week now. D: /sighs Hopefully by next week it'll go away. /crosses fingers!

Do tell me anything you want to, Flist. I miss you guys. ♥
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