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I am moving!

Hi flist! (Wow, I haven't said that set of words in a looong time...)

As you may or may not know, LJ has done some changes in their TOS, and in light of this, I have decided to move my journal to Dreamwidth. If you have an account there, my username is perfectlyimperfect. I've had the DW account for a while - maybe for when this time came - and I have backed up all of my posts in there. You're free to add me on DW for sure! :)

As for this account, I'm thinking of purging it, but then again I have so many friends on here and community involvement so I'll probably just keep this active for that purpose. Otherwise I might just delete my journal entries or put them on private.

This is a heads up, basically, and know that you will find me on DW or on Twitter, as always. :D

Hope to see you around! ♥
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Fan Fiction and Uploads Index

*cough* I mean, this should be a useful post now, since many people are probably confused of my system when it comes to tracking back fics. XD

Kidding aside, I do hope you find this index useful, especially if you're interested in my other fics. よろしくね? ♥
I also happen to include my uploads, in case someone is looking for it. :)

Fan Fiction IndexCollapse )

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Feel free to ask anything here :)
Requests (if ever) are welcome as well!

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Hey. Long time no see. Okay, I'll get to the point. Because it'll get rambly as I go on. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

So, as some of my Twitter followers know (@jadenmd if you're unaware #shamelessselfpromotion), this was supposed to be done in Twitter, but when I started writing it down - because I wanted to plan out the character count - IT TURNED OUT TO BE IMPOSSIBLE. You'll realize why in a second.

First, a preface:
I decided to watch the 20th anniversary concert again last Thursday (November 3), because I was randomly listening to V6 in the car and wondered, "Hey, I should watch that concert again because it's been a while" without realizing it was a way of celebrating the guys' 21st anniversary AND that time I watched the concert a year ago. (I realized all of this only when I was in the middle of watching.)

LITTLE DID I KNOW. I was in for one hell of a ride at an inevitable roller coaster of emotions that is V6.

Fun fact: I did something I haven't done for as long as I can remember...Collapse )

Arashi being there was cherry-on-top, so to speak. :D I'm just a lump of happiness right now. I couldn't be any prouder of them. ;A;

I miss V6 sfm and I want to see them again. Next year, hopefully. *A*

Edited because I am a dumb
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V6 LIVE TOUR 2015 Concert-viewing Party Details


Hi guys! First off, let me introduce myself for those new here. I'm Jessie, @jadenmd on Twitter, and I've been a fan of V6 for almost four years now, but have been casually adoring them on the side for eight. Inocchi is my ultimate role model in life.

My rationale, the poll and other explanationsCollapse )

So see you guys then! Feel free to direct other fans to this post and let them know about this! Let's flail over these old men who never fail to amaze us. Y/Y?
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Okamiya and Kazuyuri, y/y?

Title: Nino's Friends Are Weird (Period)
Pairings: Okamiya / Kazuyuri
Genre: Friendship (Okada/Nino) / Romance / Fluff (Nino/Yoshitaka Yuriko)
Rating: G
Length: 1,119 words
Summary: Okada tries to take Nino out on a climbing trip. When Nino doesn't oblige, Okada uses a secret weapon.
Disclaimer: Do NOT own anything.
A/N: *looks at word count* Wow, this is an actual fic. XD
Originally written for clipsie, who already read half of a draft of this two years ago. orz
Got the idea from Okada's Arashi ni Shiyagare guesting (also two years ago) when he gave Nino those climbing shoes as a gift, because you know he really wants to take Nino out climbing. XD Added Kazuyuri, because I miss them. ♥ For my fellow Kazuyuri shippers - frostbittenlove, novemberbaby and april_0410 - as well.

Read more...Collapse )

Btw, I am so procrastinating right now because my final exams are next week (!!!) and I haven't studied at all. So I read a bunch of fics and now want to write more. Not promising anything, but I hope to continue my Okamiya as secret agents fic? Maybe?
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You have reached Jessie's LJ, which obviously isn't her first real blog. That can be found here:
Turning Back Time...With Life's Goodness.

This account used to be regularly updated, but since I'm on Twitter most of the time now (I'm also @jadenmd there, if you're interested), this journal has been in hiatus except for icon posts, concert reports and basically just for LJ community usage.

That said, I still welcome anyone who wants to friend this journal. Don't worry, I don't bite. :D
(made by the lovely hakka_candy~ ♥)

Yes, I said anyone. Meaning even though we don't have many similarities (even just Arashi or V6), I'd be glad to add you. Just comment here or anywhere in my journal if you want to be added back. :Db

HOWEVER, please take note: Since I don't spend as much time here as I used to, please don't expect me to regularly read my flist, hence your posts, and if that's what's important to you, I can't promise you that. Please and thanks!

So enjoy reading my twisted entries!
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V6 LIVE TOUR 2013 Oh! My! Goodness! || Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo) – April 20, 2013 (2nd Show)

Hello! (^o^)/
I am two weeks late as usual because I am a terrible procrastinator and reliving the concert in my head is making me cry tears of joy, but. You don’t want to hear more of that.

A few things I need to explain:
- As this particular concert will be on DVD, I cannot assure you that everything in here will appear on the said DVD. I also cannot assure you that it will be accurate, as I have a blur of a memory.
- This is a very detailed report. I mean, I will include EVERYTHING that I remember, from the position of the members on-stage to the choreography. And it’s a warning of how long this is. XD
- I am not perfectly well-versed with Japanese as much as I wish I was, and I don’t claim I understood everything. So if I mistranslated anything, I apologize beforehand.
- I hope this will be fun for you as much as it is for me! There will be a separate section for fanservice in case you want to skip it, or read it first. :)

Arriving at the venueCollapse )

Just before the concertCollapse )

Concert properCollapse )

Greetings/MCCollapse )

After Greetings/MCCollapse )

Main MC + VTRCollapse )

After Main MCCollapse )

First encoreCollapse )

Second encore + Thank You’sCollapse )

Fanservice + Personal thoughtsCollapse )

Finally, comments are most certainly welcome as questions do. Don’t hesitate to flail! I will definitely reply to all comments. :D Plus if you’ve read everything here, then I’m pretty sure you didn’t need to take the time to read it, so I thank you for spending your time with me. ♥

Also, a 20th anniversary meet-up would be nice. ^_^

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just some new icons~


I know, I know. I haven't posted in a while and this is what I do.
...actually I have no excuse. orz

But! I do hope this makes up for it, y/y?

Anyway. So I really adore this DVD extra* from the Sexy.Honey.Bunny! concert DVD, and I feel like justice has not been served by not making any icons off of it. So I decided that I should do them. XD /shot
* entitled "L.A.~Las Vegas Road movie ~WALK~" :Dd

Throwing some V6 your way :)Collapse )

There. ♥
Just one rule is enough: Please credit me, jadenmd! That's all I ask for, really. :3

Btw, I just got back home from a three-week vacation, and now I'm suffering from severe jet lag. It's been almost a week now. D: /sighs Hopefully by next week it'll go away. /crosses fingers!

Do tell me anything you want to, Flist. I miss you guys. ♥
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should i...?

I have leftover requests from this drabble request post, so. The only purpose of this post is to ask if I should do another one along with the previous requests. XD

Oh and if you want to request one can I ask a favor? In exchange, can you recommend me a fic with the same pairing you're suggesting, regardless of the author, please? :3 Tell me if that's a reasonable exchange or what. |D